We set the standard for quality in group fitness training. The variety of programs, value, and level of quality are unmatched in the area. We offer a variety of training classes to fit any athletic level. We’re constantly testing and adjusting our training to produce measurable outcomes for the athlete. 

specialized TRAINING



Committed to putting in the work

We believe that speed is not only an inherent trait but an essential skill that can be mastered. We help athletes mastering speed through biomechanics, advanced technical training, and individualized programs. This is for all sports as we program plyometrics, strength training, and mechanics to improve the athletes’ overall performance on the field.

Fitness training

At Future Performance, we provide a space for everyone to create new healthy habits to improve their overall lifestyle. No matter the level of experience, our staff is here to help build your confidence physically and in the gym and exercise.

Our Bootcamp Adult Fitness class is 60 minutes with a mixture of high-intensity and Tabata-style workouts. Don’t let the name intimidate you into joining! We provide modifications for each exercise. The key is to push yourself through a fire workout at your own pace and setting goals to not only finish but to set the bar a little higher. At the end of the day, we want you to see the results as you crush each class.

We provide multiple services and solutions, such as wellness services, structured fitness classes, technology, and our performance staff. We are always in reach to assist you whether that be online, our mobile app, or in-person.

Team training

All athletes on teams we work with whether they are youth, club, or high school will get professional training and evaluation. We want each team to perform better every time they hit the field. With our training services, teams and organizations can provide their athletes with everything they need to succeed.