Do you feel like you aren’t where you want to be when playing soccer intramurally or with a local team? You may be experiencing a period where your muscles have adapted to your regular conditioning and aren’t performing as well as they can. To overcome this, F1 Performance will assist you in mixing up your training regimen and provide you with the skills you need to impress at every game. Plus, you’ll look and feel better than ever.

Make sure to visit our site to see weekly workouts and drills from our elite athletes. We look forward to seeing you at the F1 DOJO soon.

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F1 Performance provides a correct foundation for almost all types of passes and catches that today’s players are expected to master. Our programs are not just for the elite-level players. At its core, lacrosse is a long-term skill that takes development, eye coordination, strategy, and the anticipation of changes in modern games. If you are an athlete or team looking for a pathway to improve your overall skills, then F1 Lacrosse Training is you.

Learn from expert coaches and improve your gameplay during our group training sessions which we hold weekly. Once you are fully immersed within the program, the intensity of your training will increase. No matter your level of play, we develop both youth and high school to help them reach their peak potential.

Group training sessions focus on technical skills training as well as exposure to innovative game-play strategies. Athletes will gain fundementals, confidence, focus, game preparation, read & react concepts, increase speed,  agility, explosive power, increase endurance, and reduce chance of injury. 


soccer performance

F1 Performance Lacrosse Training was created with the high school lacrosse player in mind. We are not just a facility but a facility built with a purpose – to teach, train and transition athletes’ bodies to be in the best lacrosse shape possible. F1 trainers have created the best drills, strength training, and speed program to help athletes play at their pinnacle level. We are the only facility in the Baltimore Area that focuses on the human performance aspect of lacrosse training to create the best lacrosse players at all levels – a fully integrated, elite training program.




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